Monday, August 27

June thru August

Whoa.. how has it been three months little blog? A little catch up is in order and all will be forgiven.

I graduated, welcomed some Midwestern visitors, embroidered up a storm, was rescued by the Georgia Parks department, beach lounged, cat sat, survived a power outage, traveled to Wichita, enjoyed the sun...oh and moved too. 

I continue to hunt for a job and it's tedious. I am up for suggestions from my three loyal followers.

All is well and rainy in Savannah.

Wednesday, May 30

It's Done

I am officially done with graduate school classes today. Now it's time to celebrate!

Oh yeah, and then write my thesis.

Tuesday, May 29

Marketing Plan Marketing Plan

After countless revisions, my group and I completed this lovely 152-page Marketing Plan for our final class as Arts Administration students. I made the final edits in InDesign, exported it as a PDF, copied it to my jump drive, made my way to Kinko's, waited in line, talked to the printer guy, and asked him to just print the first page so I could make sure the margins and color were correct. 

He handed me the first page, I looked down and saw this.

Marketing Plan Marketing Plan.

Marketing Plan Marketing Plan.

It's on there twice.

I just started laughing. I looked up at the printer guy and said, "It says Marketing Plan Marketing Plan." He started laughing. Since, I was not about to reprint a $100 worth of color printing and binding I decided to consult my group. We are banking on the fact that our professor won't notice. Or just laugh it off.

And thus ends my graduate school experience.